Liliya’s Pet Grooming & Daycare


Eastover Dog Grooming table
 Come have your pet experience a spa-like day at Liliya’s Pet Grooming in the Eastover area

Eastover Dog Grooming facility

Eastover Dog Grooming clean-up

Is your pet having a “bad fur day”? 

Call Liliya at 910-920-1159 to have your pets able to experience a Spa-like day.

Eastover Dog Grooming reception

An Eastover dog grooming establishment with an experienced Grooming Academy specialist with many

perks: no stress, short wait, a homelike atmosphere, and able to relax in a chair, on the

carpet or a dog bed.

Eastover Dog Grooming office

Pet owners a wonderful perk for you is that it’s close to home!

3861 Sanderosa Rd,


(910) 920-1159